America's Patriotic Freedom Train

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Patriotic books connecting kids across America with a heart full of love for our country!

Recommended Independent read Ages 9-11

Get ready for a train-tastic voyage and jump aboard the futuristic Freedom Train with best friends Justin, Libby, Jaiden, and Sonia!  

One day, coming home from a baseball game, Grandpa Charles tells the amazing patriotic story of the 1947 Freedom Train. What is this train? And what kind of treasure was it carrying around the country?   

Filled with curiosity, they race into Grandpa’s garage to search for cool stuff to build their own Freedom Train. Who knew imagination and a magic train ticket would ignite an adventure they would never forget. Join our four friends and discover a deeper understanding of freedom and what it means to be an American!  

Hold on tight Best Freedom Friends…   

Book Information: 

  • Paperback Chapter Book  
  • 5.125” x 7.625” 
  • Black & White Sketch Hand Drawn Illustrations 
  • Page Count: 95 Pages 
  • Printed in the U.S.A.


America’s Patriotic Freedom Train is an exciting story, designed to instill a deep respect and love for our country, our people, and our freedoms. I hope every child in America embraces this book and that it forever ignites a spirit of patriotism. It’s a great book for readers of all ages.”

-General Ann E Dunwoody, United States Army, Retired, America's First Female 4-Star General


"America’s Patriotic Freedom Train puts a patriotic and inspirational event in chapter book form, giving a whole new age group the chance to take their own journey on the Freedom Train.”

-BG (Ret) Peter L. Jones, President and COO National Infantry Museum Foundation


“The National Infantry Association is proud to endorse your wonderful book, America's Patriotic Freedom Train. This is a phenomenal effort aimed at making our children understand our Nation, our Freedoms, and Patriotism. This is a terrific addition to any child’s library.”

-COL(Ret) Robert E. Choppa, President and COO, National Infantry Association

Freedom Train For Kids Books' Motivational Messages

    • Give families and educators the opportunity to talk about our great country and about patriotism and what it means.
    • Give kids the opportunity to learn that America is a wonderful place to live because we are free and are free to chase our dreams.
    • Inspire kids to know they are heroes, and leaders of the future.
    • Motivate kids to construct caring ideas that can change the world.Will help kids realize, recognize, and respect and honor the military and their families who have sacrificed tremendously for our freedoms.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review