Garmont Bifida Boots

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Product Overview

With durability and comfort in mind, Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boots with Ortholite Insoles deliver exceptional support and comfort that works as hard as you do. Tough enough to stand up to hard use, these Garmont military boots have a suede leather upper with heavy-duty materials that stand up to hard use. A backward-sweeping design enables a close fit that reduces blisters and chafing on hot spots.

Superior ankle arch and shin support is secured by unique ball bearing hardware. A custom Garmont footbed with a unique cup system keeps your heel locked in place and delivers exceptional shock absorption. A turf eating Vibram® Bifida outsole provides unbeatable traction that you can count on, making these combat boots ideal for rocky terrain.

Built to exceedingly high Mil-Spec standards, these AR 670-1 compliant boots have an 8-inch ankle and plain toe. With hookless rigging proof hardware, these Air Force approved boots are authorized for wear with OCP uniforms.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review